Curriculum Vitae

Ephraim Clark

Professor Ephraim Clark

Full-time academic since 1988 with prior experience as a financial analyst, forecaster and consultant; two PhD’s, one in Development Economics and the other in Financial Economics; lived and worked in the United States, Latin America, England and France. Current interests include continuous time finance, real options, political risk analysis, emerging markets, capital budgeting as well as issues in corporate strategy and international business.

Honours and awards include numerous research grants, best paper awards, teaching awards, keynote addresses to scholarly and professional groups, risk management seminars for business schools, elected offices in professional associations, editorial board memberships, founding editor of the European Journal of Finance.

Author of nine books and over 90 papers in professional and academic journals (e.g. Management Science, Journal of International Money and Finance, Journal of Banking and Finance, European Journal of Operational Research, Journal of Financial Research, European Financial Management, Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting,International Review of Financial Analysis, Review of International Economics, Garp Risk Review, Euromoney, Global Investor, Wilmott, Revue Banque…).

Business and consulting experience for international banks, multinational corporations and smaller companies. Managerial line experience with budget and personnel responsibilities in business and academia (e.g. managing director, department chair, executive committee…). Creator and manager of postgraduate degree programs including international double diplomas.

Ph.D. (Doctorat d’Etat ès Sciences Economiques), Summa cum Laude, Université de Paris I, Sorbonne Thesis: “L’Application de l’Analyse Financière au Risque-Pays”, June 24, 1986.
Ph.D. (Doctorat de 3eme Cycle en Economie du Développement), Summa cum Laude, Université de Paris I, Sorbonne: Thesis: “Stabilisation et Gestion Optimale des Ressources: le Cas de l’Argentine 1951-1970”, June 29, 1978.
Diplôme d’Etudes Approfondies, Economie du Développement, Université de Paris III, June 16, 1976.
Diplôme de l’Ecole Pratiques des Hautes Etudes, 6eme section des Sciences Economiques et Sociales, October 29, 1975
Diploma de Literatura Espanola, Universidad de Madrid, 1967.

since 1998 – Professor of Finance, Middlesex University, London, UK.

1994 – 1998 – Professor of Economics and Finance and Chairman of the Economics & Finance Department, CERAM School of Business, Sophia Antipolis, France. Responsible for the graduate and undergraduate programs in Finance, Accounting, Economics and Law, managing a team of 7 full time and 20 part time professors.

1988-1994 – Professor of Economics & Finance and Chairman of the Economics & Finance Department, EDHEC Graduate School of Business, Catholic University of Lille, Lille, France. Responsable for the graduate and undergraduate programs in Finance, Accounting, and Economics, managing a team of 12 full time and 35 part time professors.

Université de Paris XII, France; Groupe HEC, Jouy-en-Josas, France; IESEG, Université Catholique de Lille, Lille, France; Université Aix-Marseille, France; IEFSI, Lille, France; Vrije University, Amsterdam, Holland, Université de Grenoble, France.

Other Academic Activities

Since 1993 – Founding Editor of THE EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF FINANCE.

Since 1996 – Associate Editor of THE INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF FINANCE.

Since 1999 – Co-Editor of TREASURY AFFAIRS.


Since 2003 – Editor of FRONTIERS IN FINANCE AND ECONOMICS, a refereed academic journal.

2009 – 2014 Editor of ANNALS OF FINANCIAL ECONOMICS, a refereed academic journal.

Since 2004 – Comité de Lecture of REVUE DU FINANCIER


Since 2007 – Associate Editor of MULTINATIONAL FINANCE JOURNAL.

2015-2017 – Special Issue Editor ANNALS OF OPERATIONS RESEARCH.


Journal Referee:



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Refereed Journal Articles

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